How do you sing from your stomach?

I keep hearing that you should sing from your stomach. Whenever i try to sing from my stomach, i just end up singing from my throat. It really seems like i can’t sing from my stomach for some reason. How does everyone sing from their stomach? Thanks in advance for any answers.


  1. Jasmine Morman says:

    well take a deep breath and sing but let air out very slowly

  2. A Star Is Born says:

    Take a very deep breath but don’t suck it into your lungs. And when you release it, let it flow slowly

  3. Critters says:

    “singing from your stomach is a silly way of getting yout to increase your air capacity, and that by itself can support your tone. You really need a voice teacher to show you, and can do exercises with you so you can FEEL what people are talking about.

  4. ShoMeSho says:

    When you’re singing, put your hand on your stomach. If it’s not moving, then you’re not using you stomach. You have to sort of push the air you take in down while you sing. You can also try a guess and check method. If you feel squeeky or like your throat feels wierd, try to get it so that doesn’t happen. Chances are, you’ll start singing from you’re stomach.

  5. Definitely that one. says:

    Okay, so basically, dig your fingers into your stomach muscles. Right now. Can you feel the muscles? Flex them. Push the muscles out. That’s exactly what you need to do for power and strength in your voice, whenever you sing.

    A good exercise is to wear a seatbelt and, when you’re singing, push against the seatbelt with your stomach muscles. You’ll look ridiculous, you’ll feel ridiculous, but after awhile you’ll get the idea and it’ll simply come naturally. Keep practicing with that. Your diaphragm isn’t something you can find; rather a general region. And don’t think too hard about it. Just “push” as my dad and vocal coach always told me.

    Mind listening to me singing?

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